karaoke machines for kids

Karaoke Machines for Kids-Where to Begin

Good Karaoke machines are great as they provide amazing fun and excitement, if are chosen right. A karaoke machine may be a real joy for your kid and you don’t have to throw it away if the pieces get worn out. You can actually upgrade a good karaoke machine as your kid grows.

If you don’t rush into it, you can select a karaoke machine that is good not only for your 5-year old, but also for his teenage sister.


Karaoke machines mean lot of fun for your kids, but they may be used for more than that. A karaoke machine may become the perfect setup for your kid to get creative, to play in a productive and healthy way. You can use it so your kid practices or learns new songs and explores new areas. A karaoke machine might help your kid to learn how to read, listen, understand full sentences and also to improve the singing skills, database skills, fine motor skills and more. Let’s not forget that karaoke machine means great family time and improvement of self-esteem, not to mention a good, productive use of time. Check out Beetlabsselect karaoke machines page.

What makes a good karaoke machine for your kids?

There are many great things related to a good karaoke machine for your kids but it’s also very important that you choose the right one. Kids are different, even though they are brothers or not. They have their own needs, abilities and you’d want a karaoke machine that gets the best out of their potential, right?


Getting the right karaoke machine for your kids might transform into something annoying as you don’t want to end up with a karaoke machine that is too sophisticated or too boring for your kids.

In order to avoid both situations, you can follow some steps or to take in consideration some facts that have a good say when choosing a karaoke machine.

First thing that counts when it comes to a karaoke machine for kids is the size as it relates directly to the portability of the machine. Kids are not that strong so you’d want a karaoke machine that is both lightweight and easy to carry around by your kid. It’s very likely that your kid is going to want to move around the karaoke machine and you want him to be able to do it on his own. If your kid is young, you can begin with a basic karaoke machine and is highly portable and, as your kid ages, you can go with a more sophisticated model that needs some muscle when moving it around.

No matter how responsible you think your kid is, a kid is still a kid and they tend to…break things. It’s amazing how fast the objects end up on the ground and this is why you’d want a karaoke machine that can take few drops. The quality of the karaoke machine may be poor or better and its ability to take heavy use and at least few drops relate to a good karaoke machine for any kid. Of course, the better the quality, the higher the price, but you can still find karaoke machines that are placed in the middle of this balance of quality and price.

It’s wise though not to get a high end karaoke machine for your 4-year old, but you can spend a buck more than the lowest as you don’t want to buy another once after the first drop on the floor.

When we talk about the diversity of the karaoke machines for kids, you need to know there are three main types: standalone units, component based and software based karaoke machines. They all do the same thing and they vary in their operation and requirements.

Standalone components are self-contained and some may need a connection to an external output like a monitor or television. The component based systems need to be included into your home audio during the setup, whereas the software based ones need a PC or a tablet (or smartphone more recently) to be operated.

No matter the downsides for each type, it seems the most adequate choice for kids is still the standalone unit as it’s easy to use by kids.

Take a good thought also on the number of the microphones you might need for the karaoke machine. Some machines come with their own mic, at least but having more is funnier for kids. Take a look at the mic connection as it differs in the karaoke machines. And, if your kid is really into it, you can get him a wireless microphone as it gives more freedom while performing. Of course, it also means more money from your part.

You also need to think about the song availability, about the data base, how often is updated. As this industry has evolved so much these days, it’s really challenging for any database to keep the pace with the songs. This goes for your teenager as the songs for the younger kids are not as many as the other ones.

It’s very important to consider the output of the karaoke machine. The quality of onboard LCD display is various and you don’t want a low quality so it’s impossible for your kid to read the lyrics. Keep in mind that a karaoke machine might help a kid improve his reading, not make it more difficult. So get a color screen of high quality for the karaoke machine.

The final tip

Have a talk to your kid before buying the karaoke machine. See if he really likes when going to a friend’s party or in a shop. Get the hints on what he likes by watching him/her and check your wallet before settling with one. It might only be a one-week passion for your kid…